Sleeping Alone

This past night I spent three hours and fifty-one minutes tossing and turning to vanity lights that cut through stale darkness. A rustle in the kitchen every so often muffled by an eerie lullaby… Continue reading

When the sun sets

For my beloved. I love you even when I hate you, and will never leave your side. I couldn’t if I tried. I devote to you forever the eternity of my time… Continue reading

Napowrimo: Day 10

I missed a few days. I can’t really make excuses. I was undoubtedly busy, but did I have moments of free time to write. I just didn’t feel like it. But I’m not giving up… Continue reading

Napowrimo: Days 5 & 6

So, yesterday I learned of the napowrimo poem-a-day challenge for national poetry month. Each day, they feature a participating blog to spotlight, and follow with a suggested poetry prompt. Although the prompts provided are optional, I… Continue reading

Spring is coming! :)

The billowing branches bending- behind a livid dusky breeze, that ruffles clothes-pinned sheets; in sync with ripples vibrating in the starch still stream -A fragile skeleton of what was once firm and steady… Continue reading